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Best Cheap Cell Phone Plans 2021

“We’ll show you some of the best plans cheap cell phone plans 2021 you can get for a lot less money” At the bottom of this article find plans less than $10 or $20 per month from Tello or Tracfone.

Is Tello Mobile the best cheap cell phone plans. I think we’ll see with it’s pricing it is.
We’ll show you some of the cheapest plans. Tello mobile service is a very affordable mobile network. Tello’s cell phone plan is ideal for people who don’t want to bind into long-term contracts & those who don’t want to pay unnecessary taxes & other charges. Tello provides cheap cell phone services varying from $5 to $39 a month.

Tello mobile offers users free tethering and free unlimited texts along with the benefit of reconfiguration at any time. Tello has one of the cheapest cell phone services available in the market. There are plans as low as $5/month. So let’s dive into a Tello review..

>>> To Visit — Tello Mobile- (Click Here) <<<

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The best thing about Tello is their flexibility and affordability that they offer to their customers. They offer flexibility at a very cheap price as compare to other cell phone services

Plus Tello has no contract, no activation or early termination fees and you can cancel or change your plan at any time as often as you like (like I mentioned above).

To test Tello, We chose the 6GB data plan with unlimited text & calls for just $24 (you can get it at $12/mo for the first 3 months), furthermore, we checked the service and the coverage map looked pretty good.

Tello cell phone service has some very cheap cell phone plans, as compared to others, And there are no additional charges on these readymade offers. Before writing this we have also done a Tello review by using these offers, the good thing about these cheap cell phone plans is that with their cheap prices, they offer fast coverage and fast internet speed. By paying just a few dollars a month you can enjoy full speed internet without any interruption & worry, And with Tello cell phone service, you get good customer care even if you buy an Economy plan, unlike other services, which give more attention to expensive customers but not with Tello you get full customer care service whenever needed. How good is that! Let’s go over the prepaid plans so you can buy your favorite one and enjoy the best cheap cell phone service.

1) Economy.
.1 GB

.Unlimited Texts.

.Unlimited Calls.

.Included hotspot.

.$5/mo the first 3 months.

.$10/mo going forward.

(This is probably one of the cheapest cell phone plan for seniors & those who don’t do much internet surfing, and prefer spending time on network calls with their peers.)

2) Value
Unlimited Texts.
Unlimted Calls.
4K streaming
.hotspot Included.
7 For the first 3mo.
.$14/mo going forward.

3) Smart.
.Unlimited Texts.
.Unlimited Calls.
4K streaming
.hotspot Included .
9.5 for the first 3mo.
.$19/mo going on forward.

4) Data.
Unlimited Data.
.Unlimited Calls.
.Unlimited Texts.
4K streaming.
.hotspot Included .
19.5 for the first 3mo.
.$39/mo going forward.

(this is a very cheap cell phone plan for kids and adults who spend a large chunk of their time on internet.)


Tello is offering some cheap cell phone plans with low/no -data. If you don’t want to get data with Tello you can choose a custom offer with unlimited mins & texts, starting from $4/first 3 mos. 8$/mo afterward. If you do want it, though, plans start at $4.5 for the first 3/mo & $9/mo. for 500MB + Unlimited Talk & Text.

A very good custom Tello cell phone plan which ou might like.

.Unlimited Texts.
.500 minutes.
.hotspot Included.
.4K streaming
.$9 /mo first 3 mo
.$18/mo going forward

Plan Flexibility

If you are not sure about which plan would suit your needs. Don’t worry, Tello mobile service also offers a great deal of flexibility to their customers with their phone plans. You always have the option of changing your plan whenever you wish, even if it’s the middle of the month!

When you choose to change from your current tello cell phone plan in the middle of the month, Tello will carry over your remaining minutes at no additional charge. isn’t that wonderful?


You get 4G LTE/5G with unlimited data, once you have consumed all your data, the speed of your internet is slowed down to 2G & you don’t get charged for it. (25GB for unlimited data option)

You can use your smartphone as a hotspot with tello’s free tethering and share your data with other devices without any additional cost.

With Tello’s minute plans you can call to US, Canada, Mexico, China & Romania along with unlimited free texting.

Your cell phone plan is renewed automatically after 30 days, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of renewing after every month plus you are able to cancel it any time you want

Tello mobile service allows their users to upgrade/downgrade their cell phone plan whenever they wish to without any charges with immediate effect.

Tello’s mobile phones.

Tello mobiles have a variety of both iPhones and Androids but they are not the latest models, Rather refurbished or old models. Because Tello mobile’s priority is making services and cell phones as affordable as possible for their users.

They have some very cheap cell phone options, you can get a cheap one at a low price of 69$ with no activation fee. Also, tello offers free shipping.

Here is the list of cheap cell phones that tello offers.
1) Samsung Galaxy S9.

This model was launched back in 2018 by Samsung and comes with an upgraded camera with variable aperture, 960fps super slow-motion videos, and AR emoji. In addition to its early models the Galaxy S9 brings stereo speakers and a fingerprint scanner placed below the camera.

Visit Tello Samsung Galaxy S9 Page (Click Here)

.Price: $399

.Free shipping!
.FOR JUST 319$
PROCESSOR: Octa-core

2) Samsung Galaxy A20

This model is a very good looking & feels great carrying this light and stylish phone. It has a good ergonomically placed Fingerprint Sensor. You can take high quality pictures, thanks to the 13-megapixel main camera you get along with an f/1.9 aperture and that's not it, you get a 5-megapixel secondary camera with an f/2.2 aperture on the back and an 8-megapixel camera on the front for selfies, with an f/2.0 aperture.

To Visit Samsung Galaxy A20 page (Click Here)

Price: $239.

Free shipping.


Color: BLACK.

Memory size: 64GB.

3)Coolpad Snap

This is one of the cheapest cell phones available. It’s ideal for those who prefer simplicity and basic functionality, it offers a simple communication experience with every basic cell phone necessity. Call, text, take photos, set calendar appointments and reminders & also it has dual microphones for enhanced audio quality.

To Visit Cool Snap page (Click Here)

Price: $69.

Free shipping.

Condition: NEW.

Color: BLACK.

Memory size: 4GB.

or choose another phone.

4)Apple iPhone XR.

This model was released back in 2018. This is the 12th gen of the iPhone. It is one of the best-selling models in iPhones.

To Visit iPhone XR page (Click Here)

Price: $519

Free shipping!



Memory size: 64GB.

PROCESSOR : Hexa-core (2x2.5 GHz Vortex + 4x1.6 GHz Tempest).

5)Motorola Moto G Fast

The Motorola Moto G Fast is a fast cheap cell phone. It has a good camera and the most important feature is its battery, which can last for up to 2 days without charging. this model comes with 3 GB of ram, which promises a good performance. This phone is also water-resistant so you won’t have to worry about few spills!.

To Visit Motorola G Fast page (Click Here)

Price: $219

Free shipping!

Condition: NEW.

Color: WHITE.

Memory size: 32GB.

Processor: Octa-core.

6) Apple iPhone 8

iphone 8 has new glassy design, along with the best camera, And it has one of the most powerful chip in cell phone industry.Wireless charging that’s truly effortless. And augmented reality experiences never before possible.

To Visit iPhone 8 Page (Click Here)

Price: $319

Free shipping!

Condition: refurbished grade A

Color: Spacegray

Memory size: 64gb

PROCESSOR Hexa-core (2x Monsoon + 4x Mistral).


Q)What network is Tello on?

Tello cell phone service runs on T-MOBILE. Previously it ran on sprint’s network but now it has been taken into T MOBILE’S network, so you can have the best cheap cell phone service with the best coverage.

Q): Does Tello charge an activation fee?

Activation fees suck right? & other providers can charge you as high as $30–$45. But Luckily, Tello mobile service does not charge activation fees for phones. Activation is absolutely free.

Q): What is Tello’s return policy and early termination fee?

With Tello mobile customers get 30 days free returns on phones, meaning no delivery fees either. Service is non-refundable.

Q): Can I keep my phone number?

Yes, Tello customers can keep their phone number. When customers sign up, they should let Tello’s customer service reps know and they’ll help set it up.

Q):IS which is the cheapest Tello cell phone plan in Tello & does it offer any data?

The economy plan is the cheapest, And users are given 1GB of data.

To Visit Tello Mobile (Click Here)

Cell phone plans less than $10 / month

Tello has plans for as low s $5/month so you should definitely take a look at them. Many of these plans don’t include a lot of data or any at all, and may not include fees and taxes in the advertised price.

  • Prices may change/due to sales, etc.

Cell phone plans for less than $20/month

For less than $20 a month we get sort of two additional Tracfone plans. One though requires you to autopay/subscribe to renew each month to be $20 otherwise it would be $25/month and costs more than the Tello plans. But for the Tracfone plans at the moment you can choose which network to be on AT&T, Tmobile or Verizon, presuming your phone can support a particular network you can get a sim card for that network.

For Tracfone plans (click here)

For Tello plans (Click here)

Here is a list of more plan comparisons between Tello and Tracfone

You can see Tracfone doesn’t offer any unlimited data options, while Trello does.

For Tracfone plans (click here)

For Tello plans (Click here)

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